Rabu, 12 April 2017

Crossword Puzzle


1. Supply with power.
3. Do better in performance or action.
5. Room under roof tile.
7. Surface for oil painting.
9. Large furry mammal.
11. Communication.
13. Not dead.
15. Making things yourself
17. More judicious.
19. For relaxation and bath
21. Place to put the books
23. Take part.
25. Unit of linear measure.
27. Having recently.


2. A place that living animals are kept.
4. Understand the feelings another person's emotion.
6. A person who always stealing.
8.  Housing vehicles.
10. The number of legs on a bee.
12. Smaller extent.
14. Physical item used for a specific purpose.
16. Appears on the lawn in the morning.
18. People usually do it when their legs are weary.
20. To clean by the application of pressure and friction.
22. Octopus defense.
24. It can reduces value or usefulness
26. Mate of king.

Meaning of a Song

Zamrud Katulistiwa - Chrisye

Aku bahagia hidup sejahtera di khatulistiwa
Alam berseri-seri bunga beraneka
Mahligai rama-rama, bertajuk cahya jingga
Surya di cakrawala

S'lalu berseri alam indah permai di khatulistiwa
Persada senyum tawa, hawa sejuk nyaman
Wajah pagi rupawan burung berkicau ria
Bermandi embun surga

Syukur ke hadirat yang maha pencipta
Atas anugerah-nya tanah nirmala
Bersuka cita, insan di persada yang aman sentosa
Damai makmur merdeka di setiap masa
Bersyukurlah kita semua
( bersatulah kita semua)

S'lalu berseri, alam indah permai di indonesia
Negeri tali jiwa hawa sejuk nyaman
Wajah pagi rupawan burung berkicau ria
Bermandi embun surga

Syukur ke hadirat yang maha kuasa
Atas anugerah-nya tanah bijana


This song is a old song that singing by Indonesian singer, Chrisye.

The content of this song is the singer's gratefulness to god of Indonesia's magnifence.
The lyric of this song are made by idiom sentences so it made difference feels for who learnt this song.
Why the song be entitled like this?
"Zamrud Khatulistiwa" is Indonesia's designation. Khatulistiwa in english mean equator. This means equator line passed Indonesia's location. Indonesia passed by equator line means Indonesia has fertile soil so a lot of plants are growth and many animals live in Indonesia.
This song also tell about Indonesia's beauty nature. The beauty Indonesia's flowers, bird's tuneable chirp, etc.

This song tell us, Indonesian people, to thank God for what he gave to us, namely the Indonesia's beautiful nature, and we have to love and protect it.

Senin, 09 Januari 2017

Last Holiday

At last my new year's holiday, I went to my hometown, Sukabumi. I just stay at my grandma's home and rarely to go out of there. At new year's night, we did the barbeque. The next day i met with my Elementary School's friends. Then suddenly at the next day my grandma was sick and she has to go to hospital. My father in Merauke goes to Sukabumi as fast as he can.

We went back to Bandung at January 5th 2017. At Friday, we went to The Lodge Maribaya. The traffic was so stuck. I wasn't enjoy the day because too many people at there, we just ate some food and go back then. In my last day's holiday, I went to Cicendo Hospital to check my eyes. After that, we shopped some clothes, and go home.

And yeah, we can say it's a bored holiday.

Senin, 31 Oktober 2016


Biography of Johannes Kepler

         When Johannes Kepler was born in the late sixteenth century, scientists believed that planets in the solar system traveled in circular orbits around the Earth. The occasional problem was solved by the addition of miniature circles test — epicycles — to planetary paths. But Kepler not only adamantly defended the idea that planets orbit the sun, he also revealed that their paths were not perfect circles. His descriptions of planetary motions became known as Kepler’s laws.

Johannes Kepler Facts

Born in December of 1571, young Kepler was a sickly child of poor parents. He was awarded a scholarship to the University of Tübingen, where he studied to become a Lutheran minister. While there, he studied the work of Nicolaus Copernicus, who taught that the planets orbited the sun rather than the Earth, though he had no observational evidence to offer as proof.
In 1596, Kepler wrote the first public defense of the Copernican system. This was a dangerous stance, given that in 1539, Martin Luther, founder of the Lutheran church, derided the theory when he first heard it, while the Catholic church deemed such a position heretical in 1615 (they later subjected astronomer Galileo Galilei to house arrest for his publication on the subject).
In search of the most detailed notes about the paths of the planets, Kepler contacted astronomer Tycho Brahe. A wealthy Danish nobleman, Brahe built an observatory in Prague where he tracked the motions of the planets and maintained the most accurate observations of the solar system at the time. In 1600, Brahe invited Kepler to come work with him.
Brahe, however, proved to be suspicious and unwilling to share his detailed notes with his assistant. Instead, he assigned Kepler to solve the mystery of Mars, one of the most puzzling problems in astronomy at the time. Ironically, the detailed records of the challenging planet were the tools Kepler needed to understand how the solar system functioned.
When Brahe died in 1601, Kepler managed to acquire Brahe's observations before his family could use them to their financial benefit.

Kepler's laws
The Martian problem, which Kepler said he would solve in eight days, took nearly eight years. Astronomers had long struggled to figure out why Mars appeared to walk backwards across the night sky. No model of the solar system — not even Copernicus' — could account for the retrograde motion.
Using Brahe's detailed observations, Kepler realized that the planets traveled in "stretched out" circles known as ellipses. The sun didn't sit exactly at the center of their orbit, but instead lay off to the side, at one of the two points known as the focus. Some planets, such as Earth, had an orbit that was very close to a circle, but the orbit of Mars was one of the most eccentric, or widely stretched. The fact that planets travel on elliptical paths is known as Kepler's First Law.
Mars appeared to move backward when Earth, on an inner orbit, came from behind the red planet, then caught up and passed it. Copernicus had suggested that observations made from a moving Earth (rather than a centrally located one) could be a cause of the retrograde motion, but the perfect circular orbits he posited still required epicycles to account for the paths of the planets. Kepler realized that two planets, traveling on ellipses, would create the appearance of the red planet's backward motion in the night sky.
Kepler also struggled with changes in the velocities of the planets. He realized that a planet moved slower when it was farther away from the sun than it did when nearby. Once he understood that planets traveled in ellipses, he determined that an invisible line connecting the sun to a planet covered an equal amount of area over the same amount of time. He posited this, his Second Law, along with his first, which he published in 1609.
Kepler's Third Law was published a decade later, and recognized that the relationship between the period of two planets — the time they take to orbit the sun — is connected to their distance from the sun. Specifically, the square of the ratio of the period of two plants is equal to the cube of the ratio of their radius. While his first two laws focus on the specifics of a single planet's movement, his third is a comparison between the orbit of two planets.

Other notable discoveries
Though Kepler is best known for his defining laws regarding planetary motion, he made several other notable contributions to science. He was the first to determine that refraction drives vision in the eye, and that using two eyes enables depth perception. He created eyeglasses for both near and farsightedness, and explained how a telescope worked. He described images and magnification, and understood the properties of reflection.
Kepler claimed that gravity was caused by two bodies, rather than one, and as such, the moon was the cause of the motion of tides on the Earth. He suggested that the sun rotates, and created the word 'satellite'. He tried to use his knowledge of the distance Earth travels to measure the distance to the stars. Kepler also calculated the birth year of Christ.

The Place That I Want To Visit

Raja Ampat

        Raja Ampat is located in the northwest tip of Bird's Head Peninsula on the island of New Guinea, in Indonesia's West Papua Province. It is a part of Tidore castle.
          Raja Ampat has many small islands and sea. It covers 9.8 million acres of land and sea, home to 540 types of corals, 1.000 of coral fish and 700 types of mollusks. It makes Raja Ampat as the most diverse living library for World coral reef and underwater biota. Beside that, it has a beautiful scenery, especially from its underwater corals and beach.
          Fauna and Flora of Raja Ampat is very unique. Some flora have function for medicines, such as 'Anggrek Semar'. From the fauna, it has 'Nuri Kepala'.
         The scenery of Raja Ampat makes many tourists come to Raja Ampat island. They are from Indonesia or other country. And yes, i want to go there because its scenery.

         The name of Raja Ampat comes from local mythology that tells about woman who finds seven eggs. four of the seven eggs hatch and become kings that occupy four of Raja Ampat biggest island whilst the other three become a ghost, a woman, and a stone.
          Raja Ampat people more like Ambonese than Papuan and now some of them are Muslim and some of them are Christian.


1. Why i want to visit the place?
    a. The biota
    b. The scenery
    c. The visitors
    d. The beach
    e. The  

2.  Where the Raja Ampat was located?
    a. West Java
    b. North Kalimantan
    c. West Papua
    d. West Sumatra
    e. East Sulawesi

3. How many the types of the corals?
   a. 540
   b. 210
   c. 390
   d. 610
   e. 321

4. What is the local mythology?
   a. a man who was perfidious to his mom
   b. a girl who was became a nail
   d. woman who finds seven eggs

5. Which the statement is true?
    a. Raja Ampat is located in the northwest tip of Bear's Head Peninsula
    b. Christian are the most 
    c. Raja Ampat covers 1 million acres of land and sea
    d. The fauna and flora are not unique at all 
    e. Raja Ampat is the part of Tidore castle

Selasa, 11 Oktober 2016



At Saturday, September 10th 2016, at Bali Field, SMAN 3 Bandung held an culture festival named Megantara. Indonesia was rich by their culture, from Sabang to Merauke. The purpose to held this event is certainly to remind Indonesian people to keep our culture.

Open gate at 11 a.m and close gate at 3 p.m (for visitors)
The ticket price just 35k to saw the top guest star, The Changcuters and RAN!!

First of all, at 7 a.m we did the parade. The participants of the parade were from students of 10 grade and playgroup. They go around and sang the Indonesian song.

At Bali field, Megantara was divided to 5 minigates, according to 5 islands in Indonesia. There are Sumatra, Java, Sulawesi, Kalimantan, and Papua. Each ‘island’ have so many foodstand and a culturestand.

Moreover than that, there was a stand to create your own batik at Java island and Ghost House stand at Papua island. I've been tried to make my own batik. But i can't insert my batik's photo because it was gone:(

psst, there was some great photobooth too!
the photobooth was made by SSR3, art extraculicular at SMAN 3.

There was a stage at corner of the field. Near the stage, there was 10 foodtrucks. At the stage, there was so many interesting performance, from culture fashionshow, until our extraculicular performance, and our guest star!

Fashion show


The Changsuters (1)
The Changcuters (2)
RAN (1)
RAN (2)

The event was finished at 10 p.m and Alhamdulillah, was being success!

The day was become an exhausting day. But, I was proud to become a little bit part of the event.
I hope the next culture fest will be better than this culture fest.
Can’t wait for the next culture fest:)) See ya!

Senin, 10 Oktober 2016


World Tournament X Technofest

At Saturday, August 20th 2016, SMAN 3 Bandung held an event named World Tournament X Technofest. The participants of the event there are 10 and 11 grade. Team one is 11 Science 1 and 10 Science 1 and so on. In this event, we have to speak in english language. If we don’t, we will got a minus point. Before the event start, each group got 10 puzzle piece.
We played the post game. The name of posts are adopted from name of planets. We moved from one post to another post. Each post have a minigame that we have to play. There are we create robot from cardboard, twister, watched short movie, played video game, ate Samyang, quiz, 2nd rank, played Flappybird, played PS, etc. If we won the game, we will get the pieces of puzzle.
Moreover than that, during the event there are many ‘aliens’! We have to gave boomb (water baloon) to them. If we won, the aliens will gave a puzzle piece to us. Conversely, if they gave the boomb to us, we have to gave a puzzle piece.
The final of the game is 32018 & 32019 have to arrange the puzzle. And the winner is 32019!!